Kim Lun Hakka Yong Tau Foo

How this Yong Tau Foo tastes like twenty years ago and how it tastes like today is exactly the same. The house I grew up in when I was young is a stone’s throw away from the shop and I can vouch for the authenticity of the homemade Yong Tau Foo.

Grandmaster at work

We all are tired of those factory manufactured fish balls and tofu that we have in big city noodle chains where they are geometrically congruent and makes you wonder if they cloned them in a dingy back alley workshop with recycled cardboard and borax powder. We want the homemade good stuff that our parents enjoyed when they were young and this shop is that shit for you Mon-Thur-Fri-Ker and every other day. The clientele here are people who cannot let go of real food handmade and cooked the real way. And that is why the same people keep coming back, because there aren’t many places like this around anymore.

handmade Yong Tau Foo

The soup is cooked from pork ribs and there is no MSG added over here.

Yong Tau Foo soup

I usually get the bee hoon dry and it comes with a bowl of yong tau foo.

Bee Hoon dryPeople in Hatyai would understand if you just say Mee Hoon when you are ordering but the people in Bangkok would give you a puzzled look. The proper term would be Sen Mee Khaaw. You can find out more about ordering different types of noodles in Thai here: Thai Noodles Guide.

Soft boiled eggs and Cha Rawn

The boss is the guy who prepares the drinks like Cha Rawn in the picture and side dishes like soft boiled eggs. The soft boiled eggs tastes better than it looks. He would heat up the glass first with hot water before serving the soft boiled eggs so that it remains hot. I personally come here for the soft boiled eggs more than the Yong Tau Foo. You have to try it to believe it.

Opening hours:-

6:30AM to 12:30PM daily


They are next to Aunt Ek’s Fresh Milk shop.

GPS Coordinates: 7.003795, 100.472414


Fresh Milk at Aunt Ek’s

There are many milk cafes sprouting up all over Hatyai, most of them serving in hipster style cafes. Milk drinking in cafes seems to be unique in Hatyai and I have not seen this trending in other parts of Thailand. It is healthy and offers a cheap and breezy place to chill out with friends and family after dinner. The original idea came from this no frills shop which started it all. It still serves up the best glass of hot fresh milk among these cafes.

Iced Milo and Hot Fresh Milk

I usually order the fresh hot milk without sugar as sweet milk tastes weird to me.

I heard from an auntie who asked the milk deliveryman where the milk came from. He told her it came from a farm in Phatthalung and they supply to most of the milk cafes in Hatyai. If this is true, the milk should taste the same in Hatyai unless some cafes dilute the milk to save on costs. Probably why I feel that the milk tastes different in each cafe.

They have all kinds of the usual kopitiam beverages: hot/iced milk, hot/iced milo, hot/iced cocoa, hot/iced coffee, iced green tea milk, iced milk tea etc.

You just write down what you want on the chit of paper on your table and pass it to the attendants. Obviously if you are reading this, you have no idea how to write Thai so you can either google translate and hope that milk does not translate into boobs or you can ask the owners kindly if they can take your orders in sign language. Don’t you just hate it when they serve fresh boobs to your table and not fresh milk.

They have other kinds of food in the shop which are good as well like charcoal grilled fish-ball skewers and sausage skewers.

BBQ Skewers

You can order toast too. Something special here is the toast with chilli and pork floss and the toast with sweetened milk and milo powder.

Toast with chilli and pork floss and Toast with Sweetended Milk and Milo powder

You can also try the steamed bread cubes which you can dip into the kaya jam mixed with sweetened milk.


Hot Milk prepared the Old School Style

Aunt Ek's

Opening hours:-

5:30PM to 12:30AM

Closed Mondays.


GPS Coordinates: 7.003795, 100.472414