Suansiri Road Dim Sum

Many tourists as well as Bangkok folks who claim to know Hatyai well will tell you that the best Dim Sum in Hatyai is Chok Dii Dim Sum. They will even prove it to you by showing you the large crowds of locals and tourists waiting outside Chok Dii and shoving their way through the crowd for a table while braving the grueling heat from the steaming stoves.

Well, no.

This is the best Dim Sum in Hatyai.

It has no name and the boss does not give a hoot about customer service. You would be lucky if he even nods to acknowledge your orders. He may behave like an asshole but he really is a kind old man who makes food with love.

The most important part of good food is not about how much umami you can create in the food(Yes, I know you are googling umami now). It is love, that is why your mom’s home cooked food always taste the best to you. It is the kind of food that does not wow you on the first mouthful but the kind that makes you keep coming back day after day after day.

One of my favorite things about Thailand is that the street food are always served in mini portions. It seems to make the food more delectable and more satisfying to finish.

Siew Mai

You can be sure the dim sum would be served to you piping hot. For some reason, the dim sum here tastes good while it’s hot but not when it’s cold.

Pu Cai Kueh

Kway Tiao Luah

The Kway Tiao Luah is something special in the shop. The bamboo shoots are wrapped in the kway tiao with some pork and mushrooms. The reason why you don’t find many places serving bamboo shoots is because bamboo shoots are incredibly hard to prepare and have a very short shelf life. Its fibers stores a substantial amount of water for its size and cooked bamboo shoots left overnight will develop a bad taste. The Kway Tiao Luah here tastes really good due to the difference in the texture from the smooth and soft kway tiao, the crunchy bamboo shoots and the tender meat all releasing each of their distinctive taste in one mouthful.

IMG_4171Opening hours:-

6:30AM to 11:00AM

Sometimes they stop for 1-2 weeks every 3 months for holidays.


GPS Coordinates: 7.012901, 100.472461