Fresh Milk at Aunt Ek’s

There are many milk cafes sprouting up all over Hatyai, most of them serving in hipster style cafes. Milk drinking in cafes seems to be unique in Hatyai and I have not seen this trending in other parts of Thailand. It is healthy and offers a cheap and breezy place to chill out with friends and family after dinner. The original idea came from this no frills shop which started it all. It still serves up the best glass of hot fresh milk among these cafes.

Iced Milo and Hot Fresh Milk

I usually order the fresh hot milk without sugar as sweet milk tastes weird to me.

I heard from an auntie who asked the milk deliveryman where the milk came from. He told her it came from a farm in Phatthalung and they supply to most of the milk cafes in Hatyai. If this is true, the milk should taste the same in Hatyai unless some cafes dilute the milk to save on costs. Probably why I feel that the milk tastes different in each cafe.

They have all kinds of the usual kopitiam beverages: hot/iced milk, hot/iced milo, hot/iced cocoa, hot/iced coffee, iced green tea milk, iced milk tea etc.

You just write down what you want on the chit of paper on your table and pass it to the attendants. Obviously if you are reading this, you have no idea how to write Thai so you can either google translate and hope that milk does not translate into boobs or you can ask the owners kindly if they can take your orders in sign language. Don’t you just hate it when they serve fresh boobs to your table and not fresh milk.

They have other kinds of food in the shop which are good as well like charcoal grilled fish-ball skewers and sausage skewers.

BBQ Skewers

You can order toast too. Something special here is the toast with chilli and pork floss and the toast with sweetened milk and milo powder.

Toast with chilli and pork floss and Toast with Sweetended Milk and Milo powder

You can also try the steamed bread cubes which you can dip into the kaya jam mixed with sweetened milk.


Hot Milk prepared the Old School Style

Aunt Ek's

Opening hours:-

5:30PM to 12:30AM

Closed Mondays.


GPS Coordinates: 7.003795, 100.472414

192 Char Kway Tiao (Wok Hei explosion in your mouth)

You know the feeling at 2am when you are hungry and weak after a night of heavy drinking and all you want is some comfort goodness that can give you a rush of energy? Besides injecting heroin with a syringe into your veins,  there is a shop in Hatyai that fires up a plate of Char Kway Tiao with so much Wok Hei that can bring you into rehab. A brave chap from Singapore with a Greek King’s name claimed that this is “the best Char Kway Tiao in the world”. King Ulysses resisted the seduction of the Sirens but he cannot resist the Char Kway Tiao of a sweaty uncle in Hatyai.

Phat Kway Tiao Mee Heng

This is their best dish in my opinion if you are looking for Wok Hei. Order “Phat Kway Tiao Mee Heng” which means in Thai that I am a loser who did not managed to pick up anyone in the club just now and I would like a plate of Fried Kway Tiao Mee Dry please so I can eat and go back to my room and cry in the shower later.

They have other dishes which are pretty good too.

Kway Tiao Raat Naa

Their “Kway Tiao Raat Naa” is similar to Wah Tan Hor Fan but the portion is just right which means it is not too big and starchy. Some places fry up Hor Fan in too big a portion and this loses some of the flavors that the heat of the flames can bring out. You can eat 2 or 3 plates here easily…especially if you have a belly so obvious that your friends nickname you the Michelin Man.

Suki Heng

Suki Heng is a plate of Fried Tang Hoon with eggs, prawns, squid and kangkong.

Suki NamSuki Nam is the soup version of Suki Heng.

Prawns and squid stir fried with long beans in chilli paste over riceStir Fried Prawns and Squid With Long Beans in Chilli Paste over Steamed Rice

They have other dishes like Fried Rice etc so you can keep going back to try.

Hatyai Hero

Serving up Fried Rice to other customers

192 shop front

Opening hours:-

6:30PM to 2:30AM

Closed when they feel like so, maybe 2 to 3 days a month.


GPS Coordinates: 7.008771, 100.474005

Addresses don’t really work with Hatyai Tuktuks so you are better off walking there or showing the Tuktuk driver a picture of the shop while gesturing wildly.